Bitcoin and U.S. Online Poker

The U.S. government has been trying to keep us from playing at U.S. online poker rooms since the early days of online poker. It started by claiming that online poker room gambling was illegal in the U.S., and when the courts ruled that it wasn't illegal, they just continued to pretend it was for many years.

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Most of the efforts have concentrated on trying to scare payment processors away from the American online poker market, and they have been quite successful at doing this, to the point where it at least became more difficult to move money in and out of online poker and gambling sites like Ignition Poker in the United States.

This ended up slowing down the American online poker market, as there still were ways to deposit, although not anywhere as conveniently as you used to be able to, and withdrawals were even less convenient.

The problem with traditional financial transactions is that they can potentially be tracked, so the trick became to set these up in ways that made them more difficult to track.  Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a peer to peer system that is tracked but tracked anonymously, so it's impossible to tell who is sending the money or who the money is sent to when it goes to our comes out of an online casino operation.

Bitcoin  is absolutely perfect for Americans looking to play at online poker rooms and casinos, and a big part of Bitcoin and other digital currencies is that it takes financial transactions completely off the grid and offers the benefit of full privacy. This might make non gamblers feeling a little better, but with online poker players in a country such as the U.S. where the government tries to tell you where you can spend your money, Bitcoin simply puts an end to the discussion.

Setting up a Bitcoin wallet is easy, and once you do that, this allows you to both deposit and withdrawal at U.S. friendly online poker rooms and casinos at will, with complete peace of mind. Initially, only a few U.S. poker rooms took Bitcoin, but this has really caught on and more and more online rooms accept Bitcoin now, and it's really a must have now for American online poker players, and has revolutionized online poker in the U.S.

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