Ignition Poker Brings Back The Glory Days to U.S. Poker

American Poker Players Love Traffic. Traffic levels do drive success for the most part when it comes to the desirability of a  US online poker site, and although this isn’t the only consideration you want to be looking at, it is certainly an important one.

If there are not enough tables running at what you are looking to play, you are bound to be at least somewhat disappointed, and there may not be even enough at some online poker sites to have you wanting to play there at all.

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The amount of traffic an online player seeks does depend a lot on the player’s appetite, for instance a lot of players like playing several tables at once, and some enjoy playing a lot of them at once.

This is called multi tabling, and you need quite a bit of traffic to do much of this. American online poker players in particular enjoy multi tabling quite a bit, and particularly enjoyed the vast opportunities that the giant online poker sites such as Poker Stars offered back in the days when they accepted Americans.

Some Americans even moved to another country when Poker Stars left, that’s how attached they were to big time multi tabling. Back then, the sites still left in the U.S. market were far smaller though, and while it was still easy to play online poker while still living in the United States, the amount of tables you could play at the same time was certainly limited.

Many Players Missed the Big Tournaments As Well

Another hallmark of the biggest online poker sites is the array of big poker tournaments that they frequently host, and there’s nothing more exciting than playing poker for some huge prizes.

Seeing the big tournaments go away, and replaced with some much smaller ones with much smaller player pools, was something that was sorely missed by a lot of U.S. based players when the big sites went away.

It isn’t even the winning that was all that important here, as it is simply more enjoyable to play for the bigger bucks, whether you win or not. Playing beneath your level just isn’t that fun regardless.

Ignition Poker Brings Back All of the Excitement

There are still quite a few U.S. online poker players who long for the glory days, and many may not realize that the glory days are now back, to a great extent at least.

If poker players love traffic, there aren’t many online poker sites that you can play at regardless of what country you are from that offers more poker traffic than US Friendly poker site Ignition Poker. Here, you can not only play against many other players from the U.S., but players from all around the world as well, and this is a busy site indeed.

Ignition Poker now has more traffic than the huge iPoker Network, one of the largest and busiest poker networks in the world for many years now. It also has surpassed Party Poker in terms of traffic, another very long standing very busy poker site.

Those who love big tournaments will get all they can handle here as well, with big ones running every day, and prize pools up to $100,000.

Ignition Poker has proven themselves to be the foremost poker room in the U.S. market these days and every U.S. online poker player owes it to themselves to check them out if they have not done so already.

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