Ignition Poker Comes Out On Top in U.S. Online Poker

The Rise and Fall of U.S. Online Poker. Online poker ushered in a new era in the world of poker playing, taking it from a sideline casino game to the limelight and one of the most popular games of all time.

Much of the fanfare resulted from the widespread popularity of the game in the United States, which really took off once U.S. Online Poker player Chris Moneymaker won the main event at the World Series of Poker in 2003.

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This stoked the dreams of millions of online poker players and the popularity of online poker simply exploded. The U.S. government fought hard to discourage players from playing and online poker sites from offering play to their residents, and in the end, the government seemed to win the battle.

US Poker Market

After mammoth online poker sites Poker Stars and Full Tilt exited from the U.S. market, which once represented about half of all online poker play, the once huge market had been reduced to shreds, and a lot of people proclaimed that online poker was dead in the United States.

That wasn’t the case at all though, as those sites who simply refused to stop accepting Americans looked for ways to expand their business and fill the void that was created by all of this upheaval. Sites like Ignition Poker and Bovada filled the gap.

The Rebuilding Phase of U.S. Online Poker

In the aftermath of Black Friday, where several of the world’s biggest US online poker rooms got their online processing methods busted, surviving and prospering in the new era that emerged meant getting better at moving money in and out of the U.S. Bitcoin and other cryptos solved this problem.

Moving money out was never really a problem, it was the getting money in, processing withdrawals efficiently, that was the real challenge. Traditional payment processors wouldn’t touch any of this, so this required both perseverance and ingenuity on the part of online poker rooms to pull off successfully.

Some online poker rooms did better than others here, and some did terribly. Some online poker rooms took months to get money to their players, and as the word got out about these problems, these sites saw their business decline as a result, and people suspected that part of the problem was that they just didn’t have the funds to pay out their withdrawal requests.

The Winner Emerges: Ignition Poker

The online poker sites that emerged on top though were the ones that managed to successfully process withdrawals in a timely manner, and the word got out on this as well, and players flocked to these sites.

The most successful site since Black Friday has been Bovada, which later became known as Ignition Poker. What has happened once all the dust settled is that Ignition Poker didn’t just become the number one site among U.S. players, it is now one of the top online poker sites in the world, period.

Americans now have access to one of the top 5 busiest and most popular online poker sites or networks in the world by choosing Ignition Poker.

One of the criticisms of American online poker these days is lack of traffic, but there’s no shortage of it at Ignition Poker, and they have been the cream of the crop in U.S. online poker circles for several years running now, and are the obvious best choice here.

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