Seven Card Stud Tips

Sometimes in poker it's hard to memorize countless odds and strategies that promise to bring you chips but constantly keep you in the red. A better idea is to take a few tips into account from time to time and to continuously gain more experience by playing poker online. Rather than trying to memorize Doyle Brunson's Super System, try taking a look at some of the seven card stud tips we have put together to make your learning experience easier.

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Starting hands are where the money is

That's right; in order to win at seven card stud you need to play only premium hands. By playing less than premium hands you are putting yourself in a position to constantly lose money. Play only premium pairs, three of a kind, three high cards to a flush and a few select other hands when conditions permit.

Watch that door card

An opponent pairing their door card is a sure fire sign of trouble. The first thing you should think is a minimum two pair and a maximum three of a kind. Make sure you can handle either of those hands before you continue.

Dump it on fourth street

Drawing in seven card stud is generally a bad idea. Now, of course there are going to be times when you do it, but you need to be aware that if things don't come together by fourth street you should probably dump the hand. That's right, if you start with three to a flush and don't pick up anything on your next card, you probably should give it up.

Watch for dead cards

Keeping an eye on your opponent's cards Is probably the most overlooked tactic in seven card stud. By knowing what cards are out you can decide whether or not it is a viable strategy to continue in the hand. Keep in mind that if more than two of the cards you need are out in play then you should consider your draw dead and probably exit the hand. You can also use the cards on the board to determine what kind of hands your opponents are after.

Be dynamic

If you opponents can figure you out then you should probably just get up and leave the table. Half the battle in poker is to keep your opponents guessing. You should have them on a constant quest to figure you out. Just when they think they have you nailed you need to change to put them back to square one. Play hands you wouldn't normally play or be overly aggressive. The bottom line is you cant sit around all day and wait for stellar hands to win money, you will have to use your mind and the power of money to make things happen from time to time.

Avoid great players

Good seven card stud players are really good and they can be incredibly hard to crack. To maximize your winnings, try not to get involved with tables that have great players. Great players are not always easy to pick out but in general someone who is always turning over awesome hands, looks and acts a little strange and has a lot of chips could be a great player…avoid them!

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