Top Ten Texas Holdem Tips For Beginners

Top Ten Texas Holdem Tips For Beginners. Here are some tips to get you going.

Tip 1. Play only winning starting hands: an important step to playing winning poker is sticking to hands that have good raw equity or can flop well. In a regular cash game you should see no more than 20-25% of flops, so that when you connect with the flop, you’ll typically always have a strong hand.

Tip 2. Table selection is hugely important, even at Online Poker Rooms Allowing US Players Make sure that you game select wisely, as this will help you to avoid stronger players in general. Look for soft games where the players/flop percentages in the online poker room’s lobby is a minimum of 30% or more.

Tip 3. Be sure to have the right pot odds when calling: only call a bet if the pot odds warrant it.

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Tip 4. Always analyze relative strength in the hand. Make it a habit to always anticipate the cards your opponents have and be sure to evaluate further as more information is revealed in later rounds. You will never really be safe unless you know your opponents. As an example, a flush is a strong hand in Texas Hold’em, but you will need to reconsider the strength of your hand if your opponent is only raising with a full house or better.

Tip 5. Try to remember the play styles of your opponent's: questions that you should ask yourself, what kind of hands do they raise with preflop? Do they change their bet sizing based on the strength of their hand? What kind of hands do they raise from the under the gun position? With what kind of hands do they raise from the late positions?

Tip 6. Always have a good kicker to go with your hand. When you flop top pair, you should always have a good card next to it. Weak kickers create second best hands a lot of the time, which is especially true when your opponents are wanting to build bigger pots.

Tip 7. Stealing/positional bluffing. When you are in last position at the table and it has been checked around to you on the flop, it opens up an opportunity to steal the pot. Only do this if it gives you the feeling that the other players are weak. You should also consider carefully the type of players left in the pot.

Tip 8. Vary your game so as not to be predictable. For instance, occasionally play speculative hands in early position as the other players wouldn’t expect you to, so when you make a hand you’ll have a lot of deception. Avoid being predictable in your style of play.

Tip 9. A bet not called is money saved: Do not call bets when you know you are beat just to keep other player’s honest. Go with your gut instinct it’s right a lot of the time.

Tip 10. Rarely bluff. You want to be confident your opponents don’t have strong hands and you can represent a good story when you attempt a bluff.

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